How blog post is different from social.

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When you post in social media you post is only visible to those people who are online at that time for come online within that day. after that there no use of you that post. even after that user is searching for your post he will not get that post of yours. this is because you cant search social media complete data.

this is because social media sites does not provide its user with complete data searching facility.

Even your public post on facebook is not searchable on google search. it means you public message on facebook is not searchable within the facebook + its also on not give to google for search it.

What should be the alternative?

Its blogging. Or use those site who allow google to search that data.

Make your data public on internet world so it remains searchable by others. Because if you working is not searchable then your hard work will not be available for others to use it.

in short right person will not find the right thing.

the person who is looking for that particular thing which exist but you wont be able to find it. your working exist there but it didnt help others. because you content was not searchable.

What we do here is make all the data categorise and make it public.

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